What you need to know about guaranteed mobile phone contracts with no credit check

The notion that guaranteed mobile phone contracts are a mirage is misleading in every aspect. From the time guaranteed mobile phone contracts became a reality, there were misconceptions thrown about on their veracity and genuineness of the providers offering the service. However, time has indeed vindicated the providers of these mobile phone contracts and the naysayers have been forced to eat their own words.

What is a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

Following numerous rejections that people with bad credit faced when applying for mobile phone contracts, a number of providers came up with guaranteed mobile phone contracts that essentially gave individuals irrespective of their credit score an opportunity to get approved for a mobile phone contract. As the name suggests, people who apply for guaranteed mobile phone contracts are guaranteed of an approval provided that they meet all the basic requirements and can afford to pay the predetermined monthly rates.

On what grounds can a person be declined for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

Let’s face it. There are people who take the idea of “guarantee” too far and at times engage in uncouth behaviors in order to get an approval of a mobile phone contract. While credit scores are not a major determinant when it comes to approval of guaranteed mobile phone contracts, there are instances when you cannot be approved for these kinds of contracts. If you provide information that is not accurate on your financial details, proof of income or even where you reside, a mobile phone contract provider will not approve your application. It’s a policy that the information a customer provides need to be factual and accurate in every sense.

How to get the best guaranteed mobile phone contracts

Applying for a guaranteed mobile phone contract is not all about walking into a mobile phone provider you stumble upon. Getting the right deal or contract requires that you do a bit of research and snag for yourself a better deal. In fact, the first thing you need to do is to locate a reliable, leading and reputable guaranteed mobile phone contract provider. To do this, you should make use of comparison sites to have an idea of the plans offered by different providers within your locality. Secondly, you need negotiate for a contract plan you want in case you are not sufficiently satisfied with the plan at hand. You should never enter into a contract blindly but take it upon yourself to read the finer details of your contract before putting pen to paper.

Can guaranteed mobile phone contracts help you rebuild your credit score?

If you have a very low credit score and your chances of being approved for a mobile phone contract are almost zero, a guaranteed mobile phone contract can play a central role in helping you rebuild your already tattered credit report. The secret is in ensuring that you make your monthly bills on time without delay. Over a period of time, your credit report will start looking good and if you keep at it you might actually improve your credit score for the better.