What is a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

As the name implies, a guaranteed mobile phone contract is one designed for people who have faced problems getting approved for a mobile phone contract before because of their credit score. Any person applying for these kinds of contracts is therefore assured of an approval irrespective of their credit rating. In this kind of contract, ones credit score status does not impact their approval or rejection.

How many plans do you offer under guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

At Lauries Phones, we believe in diversification and providing our customers a wide pool from which they can make their choices based on their tastes and preferences. We therefore offer so many plans with different budgets designed to ensure that we do not lock out any customers. You can always be assured of getting a plan of your choice when you apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract of your choice.

Do you perform credit checks before approval?

No. we are not very much concerned with your credit score when approving or rejecting your guaranteed mobile phone contract. This particular kind of contract is designed for people with bad credit and therefore credit checks have no role to play in the approval process.

What are my chances of being approved for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

Your chances are over 90% provided that you provide all the required information and that everything is accurate and factual to the best of your knowledge. The only time we reject your contract is if there are inconsistencies in your application or you’ve provided misleading information. However, this is a small issue which you can rectify within no time and get approved.

What kind of handsets do you avail to customers?

We definitely have a wide variety of handsets that our customers can choose from. It doesn’t matter whether you have a liking for HTC phones, iPhones, Huawei handsets, Samsung galaxy models or any other kind of phones you like. We can assure you that you won’t lack when applying for a mobile phone contract with us.

Is it a standard requirement for me to pay an upfront fee?

Yes. Provided that we do not perform credit checks, we’ve made it a policy for our applicants to pay a small upfront fee before we can approve their mobile phone contracts applications. This is simply a security measure to safeguard ourselves in the unlikely event that you are unable to meet your monthly contractual obligations as regards payment.

What is the likelihood of me being approved for a mobile phone contract even if I have a history of CCJs?

At Lauries Phones, we try everything within our power to ensure that you don’t get declined for a mobile phone contract because of the status of your credit score. There is therefore a very high chance of you getting approved for a mobile phone contract even if you have a history of defaults. We do not judge you beforehand but are hopeful that you will prove yourself and be diligent in making payments with time.

Do I have the freedom to choose the kind of plan that I want?

Yes. You are at liberty to choose whatever plan that you feel like. We only advice you on the different plans that are available and help you make an informed choice but the ultimate decision is made by you based on what you like and your budget.

For how long am I locked into a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

We require you to be locked in for at least 18 months when applying for mobile phone contracts. However, you are also at liberty to choose a longer period than that if you so wish.